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About Us Traci Celia Stacy

My Beautiful Mondays

When I was going to Saint Paul College I was lucky enough to intern with Allina Hospice. It changed my life. Going to patients homes and offering a therapeutic touch at the end of their life is truly an honor and a privilege. It has allowed me to see what living in the moment truly means. It allowed me to find a part of myself I cannot even explain. After I finished my internship, the thought of not being able to have Hospice anymore broke my heart. I had to continue on, so I went through the Allina Volunteer Training . Now, every Monday is my Hospice day.

If you have EVER for a moment thought about volunteering for Hospice, please do! You do not need to be a massage therapist to be able to spend some time talking, offering an ear or reading to someone. I have provided a link to Allina Hospice Volunteer Opportunities. They will answer any questions you may have and the Volunteer Coordinators specialize in finding volunteers a suitable match.

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